Republican Central Securities Depository


Andrei Aksionau - Director of RUE "RCSD"

Director of the RUE “RCSD” since August 5, 2019.

Andrei Aksionau was born in 1973. He graduated from the Belarusian State University with a degree in Radiophysics and Electronics and Economic Cybernetics as a mathematical economist.

Mr. Aksionau has many years' experience of working in the securities market of the Republic of Belarus. He began his career working for the Interbank Currency Exchange in 1995. From 1999 until 2016 he worked for JSC “Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange” (BCSE), holding various management positions. His latest position in BCSE was Head of Marketing Operations Department. He was responsible for the organization and development of financial market segments as well as the stock and over the counter securities market, the foreign exchange market.

From January 2017 to July 2019 Mr. Aksionau worked for the Securities Department of the Ministry of Finance. He was appointed as Deputy Chief of Securities Market Regulation Division in January 2019. He was responsible for information and analysis, program planning, the development of international cooperation and the securities market regulatory framework in the Securities Department. Mr. Aksionau served as Secretary of Interagency Commission of the Development of Financial Market under the Council of Ministers, Secretary of the Public Advisory (Expert) Council for Securities Market Development within the Ministry of Finance, the Panel Secretary of the Securities Department. He participated in working groups within Eurasian Economic Commission developing international agreements in the area of the common financial market of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Mr. Aksionau attended a number of educational courses and served apprenticeships organizing financial markets in different countries (Germany, Austria, Turkey, the Czech Republic and Poland). He is a good public speaker and has media publications. He was awarded with certificates and commendations of the Ministry of Finance, the Securities Committee under the Council of Ministers, the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange.

Onega Nabeshko - Deputy Director of RUE "RCSD".
She started working in RUE "RCSD" in 2008 as the Deputy Head of Securities Transfers Department.

Onega Nabeshko has the experience in the securities market of the Republic of Belarus for more than 17 years, in the depository activities for more than 14 years. She has two higher economic educations. In 1997 she graduated from Belarusian State Economic University specializing in "Commercial activity" and in 2006 she received a degree at Graduate School of Business Administration of the Belarusian State Economic University with a degree in "Finance and Credit".

Since 1996 she has been a certified specialist in the securities market. Onega has a qualification certificate of the first category, giving her the right to work in the securities market as the leader or member of the professional participant of securities market.

Onega Nabeshko is responsible for the direct implementation of depository operations by RUE "RCSD" in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, participates in the development of strategies for the implementation of depository operations and development of methodological, regulatory and other documents regulating depository activities. Also, she consults and informs the professional securities market participants and issuers on depository activities and their interaction in the securities market.
Vladislav Dovgalyonok – Deputy Director of Organizational and Technical Work of the RUE “RCSD” (hereinafter - Deputy Director of OTW).
He acts as a Deputy Director of OTW since July 29, 2013.

Vladislav graduated from the Belarusian National Technical University in 2003 and the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus in 2008. He has extensive experience in the field of information technology production support including more than 5 years experience in leading positions. In RUE “RCSD“ Vladislav supervises and coordinates work in the field of information technologies for creation, maintenance, development and technical support of computer aids and communication. He is also responsible for the uninterrupted operation of hardware and software suite of RUE “RCSD” and controls over the technical information protection. Vladislav provides functioning of labor protection system and fire safety system as well as monitors the work related to the organizational and maintenance supplies of RUE "RCSD".