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Ordinary General Meeting of ANNA held in London, June 14 and 15, 2012


Ordinary General Meeting of ANNA held in London, June 14 and 15, 2012

 The last General Meeting of ANNA was held in London, United Kingdom, on June 14 & 15, 2012. The meeting was hosted by the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

This Meeting was a significant milestone in the history of the Association, since ANNA was celebrating its 20th anniversary. The LSE welcomed ANNA and the NNAs with an official market opening ceremony dedicated to the Association's 20 years of achievements and successes in supporting the global financial markets. With the addition of two new National Numbering Agencies that joined the Association during the meeting, ANNA now comprises 83 full members and 29 partners, with a presence in excess of 120 countries worldwide.

 During the meeting, Mr. Dan Kuhnel, ANNA Chairman, gave an overview of the activities and key areas managed by the Board members since the last General Meeting, held in December 2011 in Jordan.

 Two key elements were addressed before moving on to discussing the current status of the LEI – endorsement of a new Mission Statement and a number of revisions to ANNA’s overall strategy.

 The ANNA Board members prepared and presented a new ANNA Mission Statement for the Association, which was unanimously endorsed by the ANNA Membership. The new Mission Statement was designed to reflect ANNA’s on-going commitment to providing products and services to Regulators and the global financial services industry – ensuring the National Numbering Agencies continue with their responsibilities to uniquely identify, classify and describe entities and financial instruments.

 Linked to this, the ANNA Membership was then presented with revised strategic visions and objectives -addressing this from a short, medium and long term prospective. The key principle being to ensure that ANNA leverages one of its key strengths – its federated operating model structure.   

 Further to the above, a significant portion of the General Meeting discussions were dedicated to clarifying ANNA’s positioning vis-à-vis the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) and how ANNA and its’ member NNAs can best play a pivotal role in the global Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) initiative – should their involvement be endorsed by the Regulatory community.

 Characteristics of ANNA and its’ membership, such as their local presence, global reach, expertise in standardisation and instrument identification, and ANNA’s business relationships with market players across the globe were deemed to be fundamental attributes in contributing to the successful global implementation of the LEI initiative. These qualities would allow ANNA to contribute its’ strengths and local expertise to the LEI implementation, as well as guidance and assistance to local players seeking to leverage the process. ANNA is committed to supporting the development of local LEI Infrastructures and has the ability to do so through its federated model, based on the local presence of the NNAs that are part of the Association.

 Other ISO Standards updates were also included in the agenda, such as ISIN (ISO 6166); CFI (ISO 10962); MIC (ISO 10383) and FISN (ISO 18773/18774).

 An election process took place to elect three Board Members of the Association, and one member of the ANNA Service Bureau Technical Committee.

Mr. Markus Heer, from WM Datenservice (Germany) and Mr. Martín Paladino, from Caja de Valores S.A. (Argentina) were re-elected in the ANNA Board, while Mr. György Dudás, from Keler (Hungary) was the third elected representative.

 Ms Necla Ý. Kucukcolak, from Takasbank (Turkey) was elected to occupy a position in the ANNA Service Bureau Technical Committee.

 The next General Meeting of the Association will be held in Da Nang City, Vietnam, on December 8 & 9, 2012, Hosted by Vietnam Securities Depository. A workshop for new ANNA Partners and Members will be held on December 7.