Republican Central Securities Depository



Central Securities Depository of Belarus and National Depository Center of Azerbaijan signed an agreement on the establishment of correspondent relations

On September 8, 2017 RUE “Republican Central Securities Depositories” (RUE “RCSD”) and CJSC “National Depository Center of the Republic of Azerbaijan” (NDC) signed an agreement on the establishment of correspondent relations.

Director of RUE “RCSD” Valentina Timoshenko commented:

«Signing of the agreement is another step that will expand further cooperation between central depositories of our countries. We seek further integration of stock markets of Azerbaijan and Belarus.

Opening in RUE “RCSD” a correspondent account in the name of NDC will provide to Azerbaijanian investors the possibility of accounting of acquired securities of Belarusian issuers in the depository system of Azerbaijan”.

Chairman of Supervisory Board of NDC Bakhtiyar Azizov summed up the results of the meeting:

“We hope, that after the conclusion of the agreement, between securities markets of Azerbaijan and Belarus will be established even closer cooperation, what will give an impulse for new prospects for the securities market of our country”.