Republican Central Securities Depository



In RUE «RCSD» was held a meeting with the representatives of Korea Development Institute

         July 27, 2018 in RUE “Republican Central Securities Depository” was held a meeting of the management of the central depository and the Securities Department with the representatives of Korea Development Institute.

        The meeting was focused on the Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) launched by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance of the Republic of Korea in2004. KSP is an integrated platform for economic cooperation aimed at sharing knowledge among partners and developing a solid foundation for expanding political and economic cooperation at the global level. One of the areas of the Program's research is financial institutions and systems.

       In the framework of the meeting was considered the possibility of participation of RUE "RCSD" in the Program with the support of a partner - Korea Securities Depository, also were discussed the directions for further cooperation and the prospects for the development of the depository system of the Republic of Belarus.