Republican Central Securities Depository



RUE «RCSD» and CJSC «Central Depository» of the Kyrgyz Republic signed an agreement on the establishment of correspondent relations

      As part of the visit of the Director of the RUE “RCSD” Valentina Timoshenko to Tashkent (Republic of Uzbekistan) was held a meeting with the representatives of the Central Depository of Kyrgyz Republic. During the meeting were discussed the issues related to the exchange of information regarding the functioning of clearing, settlement and accounting systems of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Belarus.

      As the result of the meeting between central depositories of the Republic of Belarus and Kyrgyz Republic was signed an agreement on establishment of correspondent relations.

       Director of the RUE “RCSD” Valentina Timoshenko commented:

      “We are still striving to expand cooperation between the central depositories of the EAEU member countries. The opening of a correspondent “depo” account in the RUE “RCSD” in the name of central depository of Kyrgyzstan will provide to the Kyrgyz investors the opportunity of accounting acquired securities of Belarusian issuers in the depository system of Kyrgyzstan”.