Republican Central Securities Depository



Representatives of RUE «RCSD» took part in a seminar

     The representatives of the RUE "Republican Central Securities Depository” took part in a training seminar «Working with SWIFT», organized by the National Settlement Depository (NSD) on behalf of the secretariat of the Association of Eurasian Central Securities Depositories (AECSD), which was held on October 9-10,  2019.
     The participants were presented with NSD expertise in the field of working with the international financial system, its rules and standards, as well as the information on the practice of using this system in the activities of the central depository of the Russian Federation.
     NSD representatives spoke about the main services of the system, about the user security program, and about the interaction with customers and foreign depositories via SWIFT. Particular attention was paid to consultations on the technical details of the interaction.
     Also, specialists from the central depositories of the Russian Federation and Belarus focused on such topics as corporate actions with foreign securities, settlements with upstream depositories using SWIFT technologies, the provision of complementary services related to handling foreign financial instruments and activities in various jurisdictions.
     The central depositories plan to start using the SWIFT channel in a two-way interaction when making settlements and conducting corporate actions on opened correspondent accounts.