Republican Central Securities Depository

Depository Services to Legal Entities

RUE "RCSD" provides services to legal entities in opening nominee accounts and in implementation of operations on these accounts.      

To open a nominee account for the legal entity which is a resident of the Republic of Belarus the following documents are submitted to RUE "RCSD": 

·            written application to open a nominee account according to the Annex 1 of the Regulations of the Depositary of RUE "The Republican Central Securities Depository";

·            legalized extract from the trade register (registration) of the country of origin or other equivalent proof of the legal status in accordance with the legislation of the country of origin (the extract must be dated no earlier than one year prior to the date of the application for opening a nominee account);

·            statute (provision, agreement, etc.) or a copy certified by the notary;

·            corporate client identification form. 

Documents, submitted to the depository from other countries, must be legalized in diplomatic representative offices and consular departments of the Republic of Belarus or in a different manner prescribed by legislation of the Republic of Belarus,  and translated into Russian (Belarusian) language (authenticity of translation or signature of the translator must be certified by a notary or diplomatic or consular authorities of the Republic of Belarus), unless otherwise provided by international treaties to which the Republic of Belarus is a party.